“To provide exceptional customer service every time; dressed to perfection.”

From the moment the first car was parked, customer service was the focus of Lone Star Valet’s parking operation. Since then, we’ve evolved into a reputable professional parking company where that same exceptional customer service has dictated everything from our uniforms to our procedures. In that, we have never faltered.

Our founders & management’s simple mission statement encompasses Lone Star Valet’s service standards and expectations. Remarkable customer service defines our company from our valet parking attendants to our executive team and this running mantra is instilled within us from our very first day. And yet, we refuse to stop at customer service. We know the importance of appearing trustworthy which is why we also expect our team members to be well groomed and in proper uniform at all times.

Although an elegant image and outstanding customer service are our foundation, it is also important that we reach beyond what is expected within the valet industry which is why we obsessively monitor risk management, ensuring our clients’ comfort while handling their customers’ or guests’ vehicles.

Service Areas


We are proud to offer our services in the following cities. If you are looking for service in an area not listed, please contact our business development team.


  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Plano
  • Frisco
  • Arlington
  • Southlake
  • Addison
  • Irving
  • Grapevine
  • Rockwall
  • La Cantera (San Antonio)


  • Thackerville


  • Denver
  • Cherry Creek (Denver)


  • Miami
  • Miami Beach

Executive Team

Michael Tatum


Michael Tatum is President and co-founder of Lone Star Valet. Mr. Tatum attended the University of North Texas where he studied Business Management. He is responsible for overseeing all strategic business operations which ensures that each client receives exceptional customer service from all Lone Star Valet employees. He brings over twenty-five years experience in cultivating businesses and fostering partnerships in the hospitality industry. When he founded what would later be known as Lone Star Valet, Mr. Tatum set out with one goal in mind- providing remarkable customer service to every customer. This responsive, service driven mentality has enabled him to cultivate partnerships with top-tier brands including Bob’s Steak and Chop House, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, and The Capital Grille.

Kyle Henry

Executive Vice President

Kyle Henry is Senior Vice President of  Lone Star Valet. Mr. Henry graduated from Howard Payne University where he studied Business Management. He is responsible for all operational aspects of Lone Star Valet. Mr. Henry utilizes over twenty years of valet experience to maximize parking logistics through proper traffic flow and tailored operational procedures. He has served in multiple capacities during his tenure at Lone Star Valet and oversees a team of professional account managers. While at Lone Star Valet, Mr. Henry has made himself a valuable resource to premier clients, including the Shops at Legacy, UCR Asset Services, Retail Street Advisors, and the Gaedeke Group. Mr. Henry strategizes with his clients to position each venue for success and overcome any parking obstacles they face. He prides himself on ensuring each client experiences a fruitful partnership with Lone Star Valet.

Marcelo Unterbug

Senior Vice President

Marcelo Unterbug is the Senior Vice President for Lone Star Valet. He graduated from Mississippi College where he studied Business Administration. He is responsible for identifying and developing new relationships with nationally recognized organizations. Mr. Unterbug brings over fifteen years of sales experience and understands the importance of relationship building and identifying prospective clients’ needs to ensure a fruitful partnership. Marcelo strives to bring solutions to his partners that positively impact the financial dynamics of each account. He also positions himself as a valuable resource to support his partners in reaching their goals.

Erika Flores

Director of Human Resources

Erika Flores, Director of Human Resources for Lone Star Valet, is an accomplished Human Resources professional with over 14 years of experience in full cycle recruiting, payroll, employee relations, retention, compensation, and benefits administration. Erika is responsible for all human resources strategies and functions encompassing organizational design, as well as implementing human resource management strategies that enable Lone Star Valet to recruit, train, and retain a high performing and customer service driven workforce.

Nick Clonts

Risk Manager

Nick Clonts is the Risk Manager for Lone Star Valet. He is responsible for facilitating the claim procedure and overall Risk associated with the company.  Nick brings over 15 years of experience with valet operations which enables him to understand account logistics and strategically monitor each account for success.   Since he joined Lone Star Valet in 2004, Nick has successfully managed high-volume and logistically challenging venues and accounts.  He strives to offer each client exceptional customer service through timely and thorough responses.

Service Standards

Lone Star Valet operates under the highest standards so we may guarantee that each of our clients receive phenomenal customer service. We take great care and pride in training our employees to provide the best possible team for each patron. We’re focused on providing the highest quality experience through professional attitude, appearance, and assistance. Lone Star Valet’s service standards include:

Hiring Standards

  • Hold minimal traffic violations
  • Pass mandatory drug tests
  • Pass background checks
  • Hold a clean criminal record

Higher Standards

  • Results-driven customer service training
  • Tailored operating procedures for each account
  • Responsive claims procedures

Appearance Standards

  • Clean cut
  • Clean shaven
  • No visible tattoos/piercings
  • Clean, completed company issued uniform


“In each market I have used Lone Star Valet, a common thread running through the entire organization has been their punctual, well groomed, properly attired attendants who are courteous and professional to their guests.”

“After a professional presentation of their company skills and expertise, we made the decision to bring Lone Star Valet out to the hotel for a test run weekend. The service was such a success they never left our front drive.”


Lone Star Valet’s corporate operations team boasts over seventy-five years in combined experience in the parking industry.  Our team has consulted with groups on everything from hiring and training a new valet company to logistics of future garages and lots.

Consultation Services

  • Current and future garage/lot logistic consultations
  • Traffic flow diagrams (pre and post construction)
  • Valet101 training program
  • Hiring consultation for valets and/or valet companies



Our “ready, text, go!” valet program allows guests to alert valet parking attendants when they are ready to leave by phone text.  LSgo or “Lone Star go” not only offers reduced wait times and marketing opportunities, but each client that uses LSgo has the opportunity to create personalized response messages to thank their guests for their business, remind them of specials or happy hours, and prompt guests to participate in surveys or reviews.

Park ‘N Stroll

Lone Star Valet’s Park ‘N Stroll system allows your guests to drop their car off at one podium, but pick it up at another while still receiving premium customer service. Park ‘N Stroll promotes walkability on properties, encourages patrons to valet park and stay, and creates exposure for multiple venues.

Doorman and Bellman Program

Lone Star Valet doormen and bellman offer an added amenity for many of our clients. Our doormen and bellmen participate in the same customer service and operations orientation that our valet parking attendants attend, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and courteousness. Our team works to ensure doormen and bellmen cooperate with our valet attendants and clients’ staff to become a seamless addition to our clients’ team.

Employee Shuttle Program

Our Employee Shuttle Program can be the perfect solution for overcrowded parking situations or for individuals looking to monitor employee parking. Lone Star Valet’s Employee Shuttle Program offers courtesy rides for employees from their designated parking place. Our shuttle operator can also take an optional log of who is using the service. Employee Shuttle Programs are tailored to meet the needs of each location.

Concierge on Wheels

Our Concierge on Wheels program is an excellent upgrade if you’re interested in taking your guest experience to an extraordinary level. Lone Star Valet’s Concierge on Wheels greets guests, answers questions, and directs traffic to make sure that your guests have exceedingly superior service the moment they arrive on property until the moment they leave.

Private Events

Special Events

Since 1995, Lone Star Valet has earned the trust of premiere event planners to offer exceptional first and last impressions. Outfitted in company issued uniforms, our trained valet parking attendants deliver superlative customer service at each event.

To Lone Star Valet, the safety and security of your guests and their vehicles is of the utmost importance. This is why we operate efficient and reliable valet parking services with the added shelter of a ten million dollar insurance policy.

Who We Service

Lone Star Valet services elite venues in our field areas including f.i.g., events for D Magazine, events for Modern Luxury, Park Place Motorcars, Ritz-Carlton, The Rustic, Cielo at Castle Pines, and Greystone Manor and Estate.

Lone Star Valet Parking assists over six hundred private occasions each year for a myriad of events including weddings, charities, galas, and residential parties. If a client needs only two valets or if their function requires a hundred, we are capable of any size affair.

For a quote, please fill out an online event quote form and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Valet Parking

Mixed-use Developments, Shopping Centers, Luxury Apartments and Condominiums
Our portfolio includes a number of highly visible multi-million dollar commercial real estate locations in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area because Lone Star Valet remains one of the most trusted parking management providers. Our team of experienced professionals work in unison with property managers to implement programs that deliver value to a property, while meeting obligations to investors and ownership groups.  Our insight and experience enables us to make informed decisions leading to the most efficient and reliable valet, garage, or lot management services.
As a leading authority in restaurant parking services, Lone Star Valet is the trusted resource for the most discerning clients in the food service industry. With over 20 years of experience in serving the restaurant industry, Lone Star Valet’s portfolio boasts some of the most coveted top-tier brands within that industry such as Darden, CRO, Inc., and the privately held brand Pappas.
Healthcare Facilities
Lone Star Valet is attentive to the sensitive nature of our healthcare patrons, prompting a fully customizable and appropriate parking program for healthcare facilities. Each account is assigned to a dedicated Lone Star Valet Area Manager who maintains the account with proper staffing levels comprised of trained parking attendants. Lone Star Valet operates under a ten million dollar insurance policy and is committed to offering safe parking services to you and your patients.
Hotels and Resorts
LSV maximizes parking revenues, improves guest experience, elevates customer review scores, and minimizes negative feedback from guests.  Hotel and resort operations offer a myriad of moving parts that contribute to complex parking conditions that require insight and understanding.  LSV is well versed in the components involving hotel operations including occupancies, arrivals/departures, city-wide conventions, banquet events, employee parking and self-parking.
Private Events
Lone Star Valet services top event venues in our service areas to include f.i.g., D Magazine events, Park Place Motorcars, Ritz-Carlton, Cielo at Castle Pines, and Greystone Manor and Estate.  Our trained valet attendants outfitted in company issued uniforms deliver exceptional customer service at each event.  Additionally, we operate an efficient and reliable service covered under a $10 Million insurance policy.  For a quote, please fill out an online event quote form and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Garage Management

play-compressedLone Star Valet offers parking management services for parking structures and surface lots. Our protocols include screened managers and attendants, auditing procedures, and revenue control systems, including PCI compliant software. Lone Star Valet offers equipment financing, project installation, revenue reporting, revenue control programming, competitive rate analysis, discount/validation/employee parking, and equipment and facility maintenance.

Event, Garage, and Lot Management

Our experience in garage and lot management has taught the Lone Star Valet team that transparent reporting and the ability to be a one stop shop is extremely important to clients. Our management team uses clear financial reporting in order to prevent loss of business traffic so that you may enjoy maximized profits.  Lone Star Valet also offers our partners the opportunity to provide uniform service and procedures through our ability to equip their entire garage or lot.

Benefits to Lone Star Valet Event, Garage and Lot Management

  • We provide transparent reporting where data is organized and available to highlight financial trends leading to maximized profits.
  • Financial auditing, along with web-based surveillance systems monitored by both Lone Star’s management and our client’s management, coupled with scheduled unannounced manager visits to lots and garages, provides for the most accurate profits for our partners.

Event Parking

live2-compressedLone Star Valet offers experienced event parking attendants to safely and effectively manage your parking demands during major functions and events. Our service capabilities include anything from top event venues and concert venues, charity balls, and fundraisers, to smaller scale affairs. Our clientele includes notable patrons such as f.i.g., D Magazine, Modern Luxury, Park Place Motorcars, Ritz-Carlton, The Rustic, Cielo at Castle Pines, and Greystone Manor and Estate. Lone Star Valet event services includes revenue control, uniformed parking attendants, signage, barriers, cones and delineators, pre-planning meetings, traffic flow, and contingency plans to ensure a successful event.

Parking Management

dine-compressedLone Star Valet provides valuable and experienced parking services to manage a variety of commercial parking assets such as mixed-use developments and shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and resorts, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and event venues. Our professional services include valet parking, event parking management, garage management, surface lot management, and private events. Our seasoned upper management orchestrates hundreds of screened and trained parking attendants across Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, and Denver. Lone Star Valet parking attendants provide remarkable customer service while dressed to perfection every single time.

Additional services include automated and manned revenue control systems, equipment purchasing and financing, way-finding signage, cleaning, and parking structure maintenance. Contact a Lone Star Valet representative today for a comprehensive proposal.

Information Request

Claims Info

In the unlikely event of a claim petition, Lone Star Valet’s Claims Manager oversees each claim or incident reported. Our Claims Manager follows a quality standard operating procedure for handling each claim and documents all correspondence regarding each claim. Lone Star Valet believes in the importance of handling each claim swiftly and with the utmost care as a testament to our commitment to exceptional service.

  • Lone Star Valet management requires all Lone Star Valet employees to report any incident to their Lone Star Valet Manager immediately.
  • Once notified, the Lone Star Valet Manager will notify their Lone Star Valet’s Claims Manager.
  • Lone Star Valet’s Claims Manager will contact the owner/guest after the claim is filed in a timely manner.

If you need to file a claim or have questions regarding your claim, please contact our Claims Manager, Nick Clonts.Claims Manager Contact Information:
(972) 406-8400 ext. 308

  • Nick Clonts is available Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and will contact an owner or guest the same business day an incident is reported or by the following business day if the incident is reported during the weekend.
  • Lone Star Valet provides a manager on duty twenty-four hours a day who may be reached at (972) 904-3411 in the event of an incident or claim.

Billing Info

For inquiries about account billing, please contact our corporate office at (972) 406-8400 extension 309 or email us at billing@lonestarvalet.com.For questions or to inquire about monthly parking, please contact our Denver office at (303) 623-2433.

Why Lone Star

Lone Star Valet services hundreds of special events each year and we’ve become the trusted service provider for many organizations, businesses, and individuals looking to add exceptional service to their high-profile events. When you compare Lone Star Valet with other valet companies, it’s clear that the competition doesn’t stack up. For a quote, please fill out our event quote form.

Event Quote Form

Lone Star Valet offers special event valet parking services to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. The company provides valet services in the outlying areas as well. Please contact us for more information by filling out our quote form.

We thank you for your interest! Please fill out this event quote form and we will send a quote to you shortly. If you wish to speak to someone in person, please call our corporate office at (972) 406-8400 x305. We look forward to serving you and your guests!

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Join the Lone Star Team!

Welcome to Lone Star Valet, a premier provider of valet parking services! Our company prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and a seamless parking experience for our clients. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding position in a fast-paced environment, we invite you to join our team and help us exceed our customers’ expectations!

Employee benefits offered:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Above industry average compensation, cash nightly!
  • Uniforms 
  • Medical benefits
  • 401(k) plan

To search current openings and to apply for a position, please click the “APPLY HERE” link below.

We look forward to you joining the team!


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