Valet Parking

Mixed-use Developments, Shopping Centers, Luxury Apartments and Condominiums

Our portfolio includes a number of highly visible multi-million-dollar commercial real estate locations in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area because Lone Star Valet remains one of the most trusted parking management providers. Our team of experienced professionals work in unison with property managers to implement programs that deliver value to a property, while meeting obligations to investors and ownership groups. Our insight and experience enables us to make informed decisions leading to the most efficient and reliable valet, garage, or lot management services.


As a leading authority in restaurant parking services, Lone Star Valet is the trusted resource for the most discerning clients in the food service industry. With over 20 years of experience in serving the restaurant industry, Lone Star Valet’s portfolio boasts some of the most coveted top-tier brands within that industry such as Darden, CRO, Inc., and the privately held brand Pappas.

Healthcare Facilities

Lone Star Valet is attentive to the sensitive nature of our healthcare patrons, prompting a fully customizable and appropriate parking program for healthcare facilities. Each account is assigned to a dedicated Lone Star Valet Area Manager who maintains the account with proper staffing levels comprised of trained parking attendants. Lone Star Valet operates under a ten-million-dollar insurance policy and is committed to offering safe parking services to you and your patients.

Hotels and Resorts

LSV maximizes parking revenues, improves guest experience, elevates customer review scores, and minimizes negative feedback from guests. Hotel and resort operations offer a myriad of moving parts that contribute to complex parking conditions that require insight and understanding. LSV is well versed in the components involving hotel operations including occupancies, arrivals/departures, city-wide conventions, banquet events, employee parking and self-parking.

Private Events

Lone Star Valet services top event venues in our service areas including The Dallas Cowboys Star, The Rustic, Northwood Country Club, Park Place, Old Parkland, FC Dallas, and many more. Our trained valet attendants outfitted in company issued uniforms deliver exceptional customer service at each event. Additionally, we operate an efficient and reliable service covered under a $10 Million insurance policy. For a quote, please fill out an online event quote form and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.